Session 1

Session 1 dillon hodges & mark evitts

Session 2

Session 2 tim gates

Session 3

Session 3 truman

Session 4

Session 4 tim may

about the sessions

Image of Drew Williams

For five years we’ve lived here in music city. We came to Nashville like so many others…chasing a dream. And no, we don’t have a Grammy award in our hands. At least not yet. But we do have two beautiful baby girls. And we have written, recorded and produced music we are proud of. Most of all, we have met and played with some of the most fantastic people and musicians on the planet. And we have had an incredible amount of fun. That’s what the After Bedtime Sessions is all about. Putting the kids to bed, gathering in the living room, and creating music. Each session will be different: a new mix of musicians, a brand new song, an old bluegrass standard that we just rediscovered, or a 10-minute long fiddle jam. No tracks, no studios, just a song the way you would hear it if you were there. To be honest, we’re never quite sure what might happen. And we like it that way. Maybe we’ve felt a little selfish about keeping it to ourselves. Maybe we needed an excuse to push the record button. Whatever the reason, we are excited. Welcome to our living room after bedtime.

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